Fujitsu FibreCAT SX100

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Fujitsu Expansion IO MODUL FibreCAT SX60, SX80, SX88, SX100 DHH:PFRUHC03-01

Product no.: 1021120
Manufacturer: Fujitsu 
TypeIn- Out Modul
Part number: DHH:PFRUHC03-01
Material number: 88038948
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FUJITSU FibreCAT SX100 Disk Storage Systems Solutions - refurbished - excellent value - expert advice

The FibreCAT SX100 is the enterprise model of the FibreCAT SX family. It offers:

  1. Nearly twice as many expansion enclosures, it supports now in 9 enclosures up to 108 disks and offers a storage capacity of up to 108TB.
  2. The FibreCAT SX100 is due to improved controller technology twice as fast as the FibreCat SX80.
  3. It offers the possitiblity, to use 4 ports - instead of only 2 - per controller. Up to 4 servers can be connected to system, directly and redudant.