Fujitsu Primergy RX2540 M4 CTO Configurator LGA3647 DDR4 RAM EP400i (CPU: 2x Silver 4110 +249€, HDD: Without, RAM: 64GB DDR4 RAM +420€)

Manufacturer: Fujitsu
Model: Primergy RX2540 M4 8x2,5"
Prozessor: Intel LGA3647
HDD: -
1,469.00 *
1 immediately available
delivery time 3-5 days**
Delivery weight: 30 kg

Fujitsu Server Primergy TX1330 M3 1x E3-1220v6 8GB RAM CP400i

Product no.: 1033089
Manufacturer: Fujitsu
ModelPrimergy TX1330 M3 4x 3,5"
Processor: 1x E3-1220v6
HDD: without
Controller: CP400i
499.00 *
2 immediately available
delivery time 3-5 days**
Delivery weight: 20 kg

Fujitsu Server Primergy RX2540 M2 2x E5-2680v4 128GB DDR4 2x 600GB HDD EP400i

Product no.: 9034343
Manufacturer: Fujitsu
Model: RX2540 M2 8x 2.5"
Processor: 2x E5-2680v4
HDD: 2x 600GB SAS
Controller: EP400i
1,459.00 *
1 immediately available
delivery time 3-5 days**
Delivery weight: 25 kg

Fujitsu Server Primergy RX2560 M2 2x E5-2643v4 128GB EP400i 8x SFF

Product no.: 9134328
Manufacturer: Fujitsu
Model: Primergy RX2560 M2 8x2,5"
Processor: 2x E5-2643v4
HDD: -
Controller: EP400i
949.00 *
1 immediately available
delivery time 3-5 days**
Delivery weight: 30 kg

HP Workstation Z2 G4 SFF 1x i7-8700 16GB RAM 512GB SSD Quadro P400

Product no.: 1034389
Manufacturer: HP
Model: Z2 G4 SFF
Processor: 1x i7-8700
Graphics CardnVIDIA Quadro P400
Condition: Very Good
419.00 *
11 immediately available
delivery time 3-5 days**
Delivery weight: 15 kg

HP Workstation Z4 G4 1x W-2135 32GB RAM 512GB SSD Quadro P4000

Product no.: 1034386
Manufacturer: HP
Model: Z4 G4
Processor: 1x W-2135
Graphics CardnVIDIA Quadro P4000
Condition: Very Good
719.00 *
1 immediately available
delivery time 3-5 days**
Delivery weight: 20 kg
incl. 19% VAT (depending on country) excl. shipping



Your Fujitsu Expert


Refurbished Fujitsu Servers from experts

We are specialized in the remarketing of high-quality, used IT. Our focus is on Fujitsu Primergy servers, Supermicro servers and Eternus storage, as well as workstations from Fujitsu and HP. You will also find PCs from Fujitsu and Lenovo in our assortment. All high-quality used systems and components undergo a comprehensive quality test before delivery.

Due to our excellent stock-keeping we can usually guarantee a fast delivery of used servers, workstations, PCs and components, such as Fujitsu hard disks, RAM, motherboards, and much more.

The advantages of used Hardware are obvious:

  • Used systems are a cost-effective alternative to the expensive purchase of new hardware. Because it often loses already 40% of its value in the moment of the installation.

  • A further advantage when buying high-quality refurbished systems at reasonable prices is that they have already been tested for performance and reliability and have proven themselves. Especially used Fujitsu servers convince with a high build quality.

  • Furthermore the environmental aspect should also be considered: by reusing existing hardware, environmentally harmful disposal is avoided and valuable resources are protected. Another ecological aspect is the low energy consumption of a used Fujitsu server.

  • Green IT: Out of responsibility for our future







We buy your used Fujitsu Hardware

Would you like to sell your refurbished Fujitsu Hardware, because you have

  • invested in new hardware systems

  • customers, returned devices to you

  • excess stock, products from cancelled orders or remaining stock

Please send us an email to in order to make you an offer. Or you can use the following online form on our homepage.


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In our product line you will find used Fujitsu Primergy Server, as Fujitsu Primergy RX300 S8, RX2530 M2, RX2540 M1, TX1330 M1,  TX2540 M1, TX2560 M2, Fujitsu Eternus DX Storage and refurbished Fujitsu Primergy Blade Server BX920, BX924 or components, as DDR4 RAM, SAS and SATA hard drives, SSDs, controller, Intel Xeon CPU, RAID controllers and much more.


If the Server doesn't fulfil your requirements you can upgrade the hardware according to your performance. You will find Hard Disks, RAM, CPU, PSU, Controller, Motherboards, and much more in our shop. Before delivery we check each product, like used Fujitsu Servers, options (mainboards, controller, switches), in a comprehensively quality test. We sell only compatible spare parts in manufacturer quality.


Certified Fujitsu Service Partner

  • top refurbished Fujitsu Hardwarefujitsu-select
  • extensive quality control
  • High quality






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